RIW™ Kit

€209 €267

RIW™ Kit

€209 €267

Level up your training with our Reactive Intelligence Wall™. The fixed positioning delivers reliable & consistent data you can use to set benchmarks and evaluate progress, the on-the-wall setup saves time & space, and your Pods remain detachable so you can continue to enjoy the BlazePod® experience you know and love.

    Make sure you have the 6 Pods required to set up your own RIW™, or check out our bundles to get the best deals.

    • 6× PodBases
    • 6× Wall Mounts

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    6x Wall Mounts

    Connect Pods to the wall in a fixed setup

    6x PodBases

    Stabilize Pods on any surface


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    BlazePod is a smart, innovative & engaging platform that improves reaction time, agility, decision-making, and much more. From the highest-performing athletes and fitness lovers to patients in recovery and even kids, our platform helps so many people achieve their dreams, reach their goals, and fulfill their potential.


    The BlazePod platform consists of two parts: the mobile app & the pods. The mobile app is the “brains” of the BlazePod platform that controls the pods - small, light-up devices activated by touch. The app offers creativity & flexibility to coach, train & treat with activities, tests, analytics, and so much more.


    Reaction training is based on the idea that even though we can’t train our reflexes, we can work on our reactions to be as instinctive and reflex-like as possible. That is the heart of BlazePod's Flash Reflex Training™ methodology and an essential part of any sport, fitness method, and recovery process.


    The BlazePod app Pro membership is an extended plan with advanced features for everyone who’s looking to maximize their BlazePod experience. 

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    For Coaches, trainers, therapists, and educators

    The Pro membership is an efficient tool to track & evaluate progress with in-depth analytics and boost motivation with personalized activities in any field. 

    For professional and aspiring athletes

    Pro provides the opportunity to work in multiple stations with numerous athletes, clients, and patients, while maintaining a personalized experience for every session.

    For clubs, teams, gyms, clinics, and schools

    Training and recovery anywhere & anytime, at home, on vacation, or during off-season, with engaging activities & valuable insights.

    Interested in special offers & customization options for large groups, facilities, and organizations? Let's talk!